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3 Easy Steps to Convert Telephone Takeout Customer to Online Ordering

Face it, online takeout ordering and online payment at the time of the order is the way
to go. Online ordering is surging. Millennials prefer it and may overlook your restaurant
in favor of a competitor – just for the convenience of ordering online.

To survive takeout needs to be a volume business. Taking phone orders, unless you have
a bank of phones with operators standing by with a phone queuing system that tells the
caller that an team member will “speak to them in the order the call was received,” you
will lose business to competitors who have online ordering systems.

In 24 hours DiningTek enables local restaurants to ramp up to an online ordering. Act
swiftly and decisively. The sooner you act the sooner you infuse much needed business
to your restaurant and keep your dedicated employees working.

Once you have online ordering, follow these 3 easy steps to convert your telephone customers to online ordering.

  1. Provide incentives. Offer inducements when your customers use online ordering. Incentives such as a free appetizer or desert, and percentage off offers, work!
  2. Get the word out.
    • Staple an online ordering flyer informing customers of your online ordering to each takeout bag. (Remember to include the free incentive item on the flyer.)
    • Post signs on the restaurant door about online ordering.
    • Use social media, such as Facebook, Nextdoor, etc., to inform your community of your online ordering.
  3. Educate. Have staff answer each phone call with a greeting that includes information about online ordering and any online incentives you are offering.

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