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DiningTek now offers a Restaurant and Food Bank Donation Capability

DiningTek is now offering another actionable way to support local restaurants and food banks. It recently added a donation application. Jaspal Singh, CEO announced this new capability, “Given the overwhelming community response to save favorite local restaurants and the strong desire to help food banks during the COVID-19 crisis, DiningTek has responded by developing a donation option for people who are interested in donating money with or without ordering takeout through DiningTek.

When using the DiningTek online takeout ordering app customers have the option of making a donation of any amount, which will be charged to a credit card. Donations will be sent via mail once a week to the restaurant or food bank.

With many restaurants providing meals to hospital workers, first responders, truckers, and other essential workers, members of the public have sought a way they can donate to these worthwhile efforts. Now, with DinigTek’s donation capability they can.

Community members whose favorite restaurants are not currently part of DiningTek can recommend a restaurant. These restaurants will be contacted and will receive the donation application at no cost.

About DiningTek:
Several years ago, a few Boulder restaurants got together and asked Jaspal Singh, an software developer from Superior, and his wife Linda Carlson-Singh a social media expert, to create an online Restaurant Takeout Ordering System & App that is backed by social media marketing to help them boost their restaurant revenue. Since 2018 this restaurant-led Restaurant Takeout Ordering System & App blossomed into a successful local business, called, DiningTek. With over 100 + restaurants throughout Colorado, DiningTek is dedicated to having restaurants survive and thrive through an easy to use Restaurant Takeout Ordering System & App. During this new COVID19 reality, it is essential for Restaurants to offer their customers an easy and convenient way to order their food on line.

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